Marvel's Avengers Competition Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question Answer
If I have more than 1 emails, can I join more than once? Participants are only allowed a single submission.
Will the winners be announced? We will not be announcing the winners. Typically winners will be selected about 6 weeks following the close of the contest. A list of winners can be requested by the contact email in the T&Cs.
Why is my country/city not entitled to join? (for fans outside of the country or city) Sorry about that. This campaign applies to the local country only. Legal clauses may apply to non-participating countries/cities. Please refer to T&C for details.
Since my country/city is not entitled to join, when will Intel have it? (for fans outside of the country or city) Please keep on following this channel for further announcements.
I registered but did not get email registration from your website. Please check your SPAM inbox. Let us know if you still have further questions.