10 Games You Need to Check Out Again

One of the joys of gaming in the modern era is the knowledge that games often continue to develop and become more and more robust over time. Whether it’s via the addition of new DLC, major patches, or remakes, chances are that new content awaits for the games you loved but haven’t touched in months.

Below are some of our favorite games to receive significant updates over the past couple of months.


Hearthstone, Blizzard’s collectible card game, received one of its most monumental updates in the latest expansion: the addition of an all-new Demon Hunter hero class, the first to be introduced outside of the game’s nine original classes. The Demon Hunter’s aggressive, hack-and-slash approach to combat shakes up the game’s meta.

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The Federal Bureau of Control once more requires your [redacted] in [redacted] — which is to say Control, the mind-bending and reality-altering action-adventure game from last year, received its first DLC in March. Journey to the depths of The Oldest House as parautilitarian Jesse Faden to learn more about The Board, the Bureau, and the building’s secretive past.

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Phantasy Star Online 2

Nearly a decade after the popular sci-fi MMORPG Phantasy Star Online 2 made its Japanese debut, it’s finally arriving on PC in North America. SEGA’s colorful, action-oriented take on the MMORPG genre has a wealth of complex systems and unique combat that help the title stand out. Plus, it’s free!

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Anno 1800

Anno 1800’s latest DLC realizes a fan favorite from previous entries in the series. Entitled Seat of Power, the DLC grants players access to the palace, an opulent, multi-winged building that unlocks a number of special bonuses as the player constructs more of its modules. Whether your goals are aesthetic or practical, it’s a feature that considerably revitalizes Anno 1800’s endgame.

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Fallout 76

Sound the nuclear sirens: human NPCs have arrived in Fallout 76. In many ways, Fallout 76’s new Wastelanders expansion bridges the gap between the game’s forays into online multiplayer and its roots in richly detailed single-player narratives. Dialogue trees and faction reputations abound, along with new questlines, mutant enemies, and gear.

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Just when you thought you made it out alive, GTFO drags you back in with a new update. This horror co-op shooter tests your team’s communication skills in hostile underground environments, and challenges you to work together and try to survive. The latest patch fine-tunes weapon damage and adds an additional series of missions known as Rundown 002.

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Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo is all about building your dream animal park, and the most recent update gives you even more control over your fledgling zoo. Now you can trace the genealogy of your animals, test your managerial skills against new difficulty settings, and enjoy a host of other UI and quality-of-life changes. If you’ve ever wanted to know what goes into managing an exotic zoo, now’s the time.

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Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital, the hospital business management sim in which patients can contract illnesses like “Jest Infection” or “Mime Crisis,” recently received an eco-friendly update. The Off the Grid DLC takes players to three new locations to found eco-hospitals, serving patients who’ve come down with a bad case of “Mage Fright” or “Perforated Thoughts.”

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World War Z

Surviving one zombie is bad enough, but in World War Z, Saber Interactive’s co-op zombie shooter, you’ll be tested against hundreds at a time. The latest update increases the difficulty of the popular Horde Mode, while tweaks to the different classes should test the mettle of even the heartiest survivors.

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Ori and the Will of the Wisps

This beautiful sequel to 2018’s Ori and the Blind Forest brings together an emotional story, stunning animation-style backgrounds, and deceptively challenging platforming to PC. The latest patch brings a host of quality of life perks, such as faster load times and overall improved performance to an already polished platforming experience.

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Resident Evil 3

You can swivel the camera all 360 degrees in the Resident Evil 3 remake — and it’s a big deal. Gone are the fixed security camera angles that defined the cinematic and locomotive feel of the first three original Resident Evil games; this time, if you’re wondering what’s right behind you, you’ll have to turn and confront it. For this remake, everything from the environmental design to the game’s AI behavior received a significant update, making this a must-play for anyone looking to revisit Raccoon City.

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