Mods We Like for 9 Games We Love

A good mod is a minor miracle. Say you’re enjoying a game, but the UI is slightly clunky or, due to some nigh unforgivable oversight, there is a dog you cannot pet. Finding a mod that solves this problem is bliss. Finding one that satisfies a need you didn’t know you had is even better.

Here are a few mods that tweak some already great games. They add stuff, fix stuff, and generally make your life a little more pleasant.


If you’re looking for a vehicle that can maneuver smoothly no matter the road conditions, go for the M134 Minigun. If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to take a parade float-sized octopus out on the open road, its eight ungainly arms wobbling in the wind, we have fantastic news.


Slay The Spire

Relics in Slay The Spire can be hit or miss depending on which character you’re using and the cards you’ve acquired during a given run. The Shop Mod allows you to purchase the shopkeeper’s rug and start selling off relics you have no use for. Now that Orichalcum is finally worth something.


Cities: Skylines

You’ve got a lot on your plate as a Skylines city manager. The Bulldoze It! and Electric Roads mods handle a couple of the game’s less exhilarating chores. The former automatically scraps abandoned buildings and the latter runs electrical lines under your streets so you can connect buildings to your power grid with roads instead of telephone wires.



The Long War 2 pushes the definition of “mod” to its breaking point by essentially transforming Firaxis’s tight tactical shooter into a grand strategy title. This thing is staggeringly ambitious: a lengthy campaign, new territory and resource management mechanics, unique units and mission designs, and adaptive AI. It’s not a stretch to call it XCOM 2 reimagined.


Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator is more like a powerful creation tool than a game, so its mod community provides the bulk of its content. The catalogue runs deep, featuring recreations of everything from RPG epics like Gloomhaven to gateway strategy classic Catan to the simple pleasure of Uno.


Divinity: Original Sin 2

The ability to talk to animals in a video game is an inalienable right. The Free Pet Pal mod ensures that some of Divinity: Original Sin 2’s most delightful sidequests and dialogue options are open to players who don’t believe chatting up feral cats should cost you talent points.


Planet Zoo

Sandbox games can be as much about marveling at other people’s creativity as exploring your own. Planet Zoo’s mod community is particularly rich with this kind of user-crafted splendor. A few of our favorites include a lush monkey temple habitat, a dragon skull archway, and a rock formation cribbed from a certain wildlife-centric adaptation of Hamlet.


Space Engineers

Exploring the final frontier is an extremely rad but rather lonely endeavor. More NPC Encounters does what it says on the tin, rendering space pioneering an altogether more social experience. Or maybe you’re not a people person, in which case you can use Ship AI Voice Basic to talk shop with your ship.


American Truck Simulator

ATS aims for verisimilitude and a truck cabin isn’t truly authentic unless it’s littered with dashboard knick-knacks, rearview mirror accoutrements, and the odd butt-flattened potato chip bag. SiSL’s Mega Pack includes over four hundred cab accessories plus the option to plant a friend, iconic movie character, or smiling German shepherd in the passenger seat.


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