Game On Driver for Intel® Arc™ Graphics for Call of Duty Modern Warfare II*, Victoria 3*, Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition* – Download Now

Intel® Game On Drivers deliver the best experience for gamers playing on Intel Graphics with optimized launch-day patches and performance updates as new games release.

Our latest driver comes with support for Call of Duty Modern Warfare II, Victoria 3, and Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition.

Continued Optimization

We are constantly endeavoring to fix issues. Our team is obsessed with giving you the best experience on our products, and everything we do is in an effort to ensure that. With this driver release we have made fixes to known issues such as:


  • Marvels’ Spider-Man* (DX12) may exhibit scene corruption when Ambient Occlusion is disabled or set to HBAO+
  • Payday 2* (DX9) texture corruption when aiming down sights
  • Resident Evil Village* (DX12) may exhibit color corruption within the Heisenberg Factory area
  • Topaz Video AI is exhibiting lower than expected performance with Intel® Arc™ A380 series


A full list of known issues can be found in the release notes.

Welcome to the New Era of Call of Duty

The game needs no introduction. Get ready, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare II® officially goes live on October 28th, with new gameplay innovations, all-new gun handling, advanced AI, and more. Modern Warfare® II brings you a global campaign, immersive multiplayer combat, and narrative-driven Special Ops. Get Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II and other titles for free when you purchase an Intel Arc A770 graphics card. Deploy with confidence with Intel Arc graphics, activating Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) to take your gaming experience to the next level with AI-enhanced upscaling, enabling more performance with high image fidelity.

Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition

Experience the Village in new ways. Third Person Mode is Here! This new vantage point provides a fresh experience for both new players and veterans alike to experience Ethan’s terrifying journey. Continuing the story with Shadows of Rose: a new scenario starring a grown-up Rose, Ethan’s beloved daughter whose kidnapping as a baby kicked off the original Village story 16 years after the events of Resident Evil Village. Rosemary Winters has grown up and is now struggling with terrifying powers. Rose’s journey takes her to a mysterious realm where memories of the past return to create a warped and twisted world of nightmares.

Relive or Rewrite the Century of Change in Victoria 3

Build your ideal society in the tumult of the exciting and transformative 19th century. Balance the competing interests in your society and earn your place in the sun. A simulation of 100 years, starting in 1836. Choose any nation and guide it through a tumultuous and transformative century. Your political, economic and diplomatic decisions will let you change the fate of millions, as you shape your society and claim your place in the sun.

Intel Arc Graphics are Here

In case you missed it, the Intel Arc A750 & A770 GPUs hit the shelves on October 12th. Learn more about sales and retailer availability here.

Download the latest Game On Drivers here for the best possible gaming experience with Intel Graphics. Streamline your driver download experience, stay up to date with Intel news, and enter one of our latest giveaways in Intel® Arc™ Control!

Intel Arc Graphics author Patrick Brodie

Patrick Brodie

October 27, 2022

Notices and Disclaimers

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