Intel® Arc™ Game On Driver Released for The DioField Chronicle*

Intel® Game On Drivers deliver the best possible experiences for gamers playing on Intel Graphics with optimized launch-day patches and performance updates as new games release.

Our latest beta driver comes with support for The DioField Chronicle*, fixes for games, and updates for Intel Arc Control.

The DioField Chronicle is Deploying for Battle on Intel Arc Graphics

The era of myths gives way to an era of great turmoil…The world of men is mired in an age of war which rages for year on end. A band of elite mercenaries calling themselves Blue Fox arise amidst the flames and the chaos, their fates and valiant deeds to be sung of in ages yet to come. When all is said and done, will the name “Blue Fox” come to signify hope or darkest tragedy?

Fixes, Tweaks, and Everything In-between

The effort our team is applying to make sure your Arc experience is second to none. We’re always there, in the background tuning away, with fixes to some of your favorite games and programs. With this Game On Driver release, we bring you fixes to Marvel’s Spider-Man*, Total War: Warhammer III*, Call of Duty: Vanguard*, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy*, Horizon Zero Dawn*, Overwatch*, Metro Exodus*, Conqueror’s Blade*, and League of Legends*.

Our team has their sights fixed on Intel Arc Control. We’ve taken feedback, and are testing daily to eradicate issues. With this release, we have improvements to streaming and recording, and UX polishing. For a detailed list of improvements and known issues, refer to the release notes.

More improvements are planned for future releases. We are dedicated to making the best experience possible on Intel Arc graphics.


So fire up that Intel Arc A-series graphics card and Game On.

Arc Overclocking 101 – Going Beyond the Limit

In the latest of our information packed series of feature vignettes, we walk you through overlocking on Arc, and break down the Limited Edition A770 card for a look at each component in a comprehensive deep dive.

In Case You Missed It

Check out our showcase on Real-Time Ray Tracing , enhancing your experience and immersive feeling on Intel Arc!

Download the latest Game On Drivers here for the best possible gaming experience with Intel Graphics. Streamline your driver download experience, stay up to date with Intel news, and enter one of our latest giveaways in Intel® Arc™ Control!

Intel Arc Graphics author Patrick Brodie

Patrick Brodie

September 23, 2022

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