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Intel® Arc™ Graphics Gaming Truck Hits the Road

The Intel Arc Graphics Gaming Truck has officially started its North American tour with the first stop at PAX West in Seattle, where roughly 1600 gamers got the opportunity to play on Intel Arc graphics for the first time.  The truck is now moving on to other locations around the country. Revisit this blog post or our Discord Channel to get the latest updates.

About the Intel Arc Graphics Gaming Truck

As PAX West attendees witnessed, this gaming truck is deceiving from the outside. It looks like a fairly standard tractor trailer, but once you are inside, visitors are immersed in an expansive air-conditioned gaming café.

The truck expands out from a collapsed dimension of 54.5 feet long by 8.5 feet wide to a spacious 60 feet long by 22 feet wide gaming arcade when fully deployed. The truck is fully air conditioned with adjustable lighting, allowing for a comfortable and immersive gaming experience.

“The main idea behind the truck is to communicate and make accessible Intel Arc GPUs as gamer-focused products. We built the gaming truck so we could bring the fun of gaming on Intel Arc graphics directly to the community,” said Eric Mantion, Intel Insider Community Engagement Manager. “We will have a dozen of today’s most popular games available so gamers can get a real-world experience on Intel’s most advanced discrete graphics product.”

The gaming truck is intended to give gamers across the country their first hands on Intel Arc Graphics game play and break through experience.  “This truck is a re-usable event booth and LAN party on wheels, allowing gamers to experience the power of Intel Arc graphics in their own backyard via local retailer locations, gaming community events, or industry events they plan to attend,” said Bob Duffy, Arc Community Engagement Manager. “Bringing Intel Arc GPUs to gamers was the motivation behind our vision.”

This gaming truck is outfitted with 30 PC gaming stations.  Each station is powered by an Intel NUC 12 Extreme small form factor computer, with an Intel Core i9-12900 processor and Intel Arc A770 Limited Edition Discrete GPU, packing a lot of performance in a small form factor.

Each station is also equipped with professional level peripherals including a SteelSeries Apex Pro Keyboard, Aerox 3 Mouse, Arctis 5 Headset, & QcK Edge Mousepad, and an AGON PRO AG254FG Tournament Monitor provided by AOC.  Many events will also include Backforce One premium gaming chairs, provided by Backforce.

PAX West Gaming Truck Experience

For this very first public event, the gaming truck was at full capacity for the duration of PAX, with a line that formed as long as the show runners would allow.  Approximately 1660 people came through the truck over the 4 days, with the average attendee playing for 25-30 minutes, the max time we allowed for gaming in the truck.  All 30 stations were used eight hours a day over 4 days, generating 960 hours of gaming.

Before attendees entered the truck, they were exposed to two state of the art gaming systems with the Intel Arc A770 GPU running Ghostwire Tokyo and Acageddegon. The final display space before entering the truck was supported by the Intel NUC team, displaying the Intel NUC 12 Extreme system (code named Dragon Canyon), broken down in its various components.

Upon entering the truck, attendees had an opportunity to scan a QR code to enter our Insiders Discord community and to play a game of chance to win Intel Arc graphics swag or merchandise from supporting partners.

Games:  Our gaming café in the truck was host to many games, and players had up to 30 minutes on a variety of titles.  We took a snapshot of a hundred players on their choice of games to chart.  Elden Ring and Ghostwire were the most popular titles in the truck and feedback on both of these games were that they were very smooth, no lag, and a great experience. 

Reactions and Results

As gamers left the truck, we took time to ask them about their experience.  We heard some amazing comments from attendees.

“Honestly, it’s fascinating how small and condensed it [Arc] can be. Really if this is your guys first graphics card, this is like a great homerun, right off the bat.”


“Games I played were SUPER smooth, no lagging, and that’s impressive and the PC is so small.”


“I played the Vampire Game, Monster Hunter, Grid, they were all GORGEOUS, so smooth, loading times were fantastic, just looked beautiful.”


“I asked to play Apex Legends, we turned everything up to max settings, which I usually play on low settings. It was as smooth as I’ve ever played it and so much better. It was very amazing.”


“Yes, we came back multiple times because the games were not lagging and really smooth, getting to try out games we don’t have a system that is above what we have right now and seeing what they can actually do, because of the new hardware, getting a chance to see the new hardware.”


“The gaming truck is such a great experience in a confined space, makes you feel like you are part of community while you play.”

Key Results from PAX West: 

  • 30 gaming stations used at full capacity over 4 days
  • 1657 attendees gamed in the truck, gaming ~30 minutes each
  • 960 Hours of gaming
  • 98% Positive experience with game play
  • 96% Positive view of the truck
  • 84% may consider purchasing an Arc GPU based on their experience

What’s Next

Our gaming truck will be off to Colorado for the LANFest at the end of September and then off to TwitchCon for Oct 7-9th, followed by Dreamhack in Atlanta in mid-November. Our schedule is still evolving so check back here for updates, as we schedule in computer retail locations and other industry events.

Current Schedule Below: 

Start Date End Date Event Times City State
9/1/2022 9/5/2022 PAX West Seattle Washington
9/30/2022 10/3/2022 LAN Fest Colorado Castle Rock Colorado
10/7/2022 10/9/2022 TwitchCon San Diego California
10/28/2022 10/30/2022 LAN All Night Dallas Texas
11/4/2022 11/6/2022 Best Buy Fri, Nov 4, 12pm - 7pm
Sat, Nov 5, 11am - 7pm
Sun, Nov 6, 10am - 5pm
Eden Prairie
11600 Leona Rd
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
11/11/2022 11/13/2022 Micro Center Fri, Nov 11, 11am - 6pm
Sat, Nov 12, 11am - 6pm
Sun, Nov 13, 11am - 4pm
747 Bethel Rd
Columbus, OH 43214
11/18/2022 11/20/2022 DreamHack 11 Atlanta Georgia
12/9/2022 12/11/2022 Best Buy Fri, Dec 9, 12pm - 8pm
Sat, Dec 10, 12pm - 8pm
Sun, Dec 11, 12pm - 8pm
Best Buy - Thunderbird Road
2727 West Thunderbird Road
Phoenix, AZ 85053

For more information, or inquiries on the gaming truck contact the Intel Arc Gaming Truck, our @IntelGraphics Twitter account, or visit the Gaming Truck Channel on our Intel Insiders Discord.

Intel Arc Graphics Author - Eric Mantion

Eric Mantion

September 28, 2022

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