Showing Off Intel® Arc™ Graphics at Intel Extreme Masters Cologne

What could make watching the pros duke it out at the Cathedral of Counter-Strike even better? Getting a live demo of Intel® Arc™ graphics in action too!


Apart from every teams’ pro gamer moves and the clutch victory by FaZe Clan, our favorite part of the event was showing off some pre-production hardware running Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveGrid Legends, and Elden Ring. David Nassau and I came prepared with Intel® Core™ 12th Gen NUC Extreme systems with Intel Arc A770 GPUs inside and a special demonstration of Arc Control software.


Back at the Arc booth, the Arc Limited Edition card stood front-and-center spinning slowly for all to see. Our big screen had some XeSSAV1, and other demo videos running on it, but the real fun is on the BenQ monitors to either side. My favorite, Grid Legends on the left demonstrated Intel Arc’s speed and David’s favorite, Elden Ring on the right showed off its power. On those 1080p monitors, the A7-series cards ran both games at Ultra settings , which will come as no surprise if you’ve been following our performance disclosures here on

The heat from the July sun didn’t stop me from pretending I’m a Counter-Strike pro. While David emceed the tent’s main stage with facts and features on Arc Control, I took the hot seat fending off some fearsome(ish) bots and Arc Control automatically captured the highlights. Couldn’t be there live? Check the replay in the Intel Insiders Discord #highlights channel and if you’re not an Insider yet join our community at


What do you think, am I ready to try out for Natus Vincere? …Probably not. I think I’ll keep my day job sharing tech details on Arc graphics with you. A special out-of-the-box look was shared with members of the press at IEM Cologne including Allround-PC who asked if I had a banana for scale – and I did!


Good thing I saved my snack for later. The excitement of the tournament and meeting all the gaming fans in Cologne nourished my soul in a way food can’t! To all the locals who put up with me practicing mein schlectes Deutsch on you, danke – I’ll study lots more before coming back to Germany. For the 1.25 million fans who tuned into the grand finals, thank you for making this the biggest IEM event ever. And finally, a big thanks to the GPU fans – er, enthusiasts, not the spinning things that move air – who are following along with the Intel Arc graphics journey here at and around the web.

Intel Arc Author - Zachary Hill

Zachary Hill

August 18, 2022

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