Intel® Arc™ Graphics Q&A: Hardware Specs Explained

Need some clarity on the upcoming Intel Arc A-series GPUs? Ryan and Tom are here to help clear things up for you.

Intel has been dropping bread crumbs on the upcoming desktop graphics cards, and it’s finally time to bring them together in a big happy family. Much like Intel® Core™ CPUs which offer multiple performance tiers like i3, i5, and i7, A-series desktop GPUs will be available as Intel Arc 3, 5, and 7 graphics.

The Intel Arc A770 and A750 GPUs comprise the top tier with 32 and 28 Xe-cores respectively. In the middle, the Arc A580 GPU has 24 Xe-cores, and the budget-friendly Arc A380 with 8 Xe-cores makes our entry-level desktop card. Check out the full specs below:

These specs are all important ingredients in rasterization and ray tracing recipes, particularly the graphics clock speed. It’s not a fixed frequency, rather it’s the average frequency these chips run at across various heavy and light workloads.

These specs are straightforward enough, except for the VRAM size on the Intel Arc A770 GPU. What’s up with the two numbers shown there? When our add-in card (AIC) partners build their own versions of Arc A770 cards, most will come with 8 GB of GDDR6 memory. The Intel-branded card (IBC) — our special A770 Limited Edition GPU — features double that.

While the hardware in each SKU varies, every card is fully featured! Every Intel Arc A-series GPU supports the latest display specs like HDR and variable refresh rate, AI-powered upscaling of games with XeSS, ray tracing, customizable performance and broadcasting with Arc Control, and dedicated video encoding hardware for AV1 and other popular codecs.
As we march closer toward the availability for all of these cards, we’ll have more information to share with you! Keep checking for more updates, and if you’ve got more questions like this one, reach out to @IntelGraphics on Twitter.
Intel Arc Author - Zachary Hill

Zachary Hill

September 8, 2022

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