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    Chivalry 2

    Don't miss the clashing of swords, storms of flaming arrows, or sprawls of castle sieges. Enter now for your chance to win. Experience immersive gameplay and unrivaled performance, powered by an Intel® Core™ processor.

  • glyph-exclusive-pc-demo-giveaway Logo

    Glyph Exclusive PC Demo Giveaway

    Glyph’s gameplay combines breathtaking aerial maneuvers with tranquil exploration in a stunning 3D platforming experience.

  • Minute of Islands Game Sweepstakes

    100 winners will receive a Minute of Islands game key! Guide young mechanic Mo on her quest to repair a world on the brink of collapse.

  • neverwinter-fey-child-pack-giveaway Logo

    Neverwinter Fey Child Pack Giveaway

    Claim your key for the Fey Child Pack and return to the magic of the Feywild in the most recent module, Neverwinter: Sharandar!

  • heavy-metal-machines-dirt-devil-pack-giveaway Logo

    Heavy Metal Machines Dirt Devil Pack Giveaway

    Unlock the Dirt Devil, an Interceptor specialized in creating chaos in the arena by leaping through his enemies, leaving traps behind, and using his harpoon to pull himself in the enemies' direction.


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