Roundup: Best Fantasy Games on 2023

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The Best Fantasy Games of 2023

Magic, monsters, and mystical realms are waiting for you in these standout titles that deliver some of gaming’s most immersive and spectacular fantasy experiences yet. Whether you crave new worlds to get lost in, or nuanced storytelling set against mystical backdrops, these transportive titles let your imagination run wild.

Elden Ring

Venture across the vast and dangerous Lands Between in this expansive dark fantasy action RPG. With its sprawling open world, challenging real-time combat, and deeply layered lore, Elden Ring is a treasure trove of fantasy gaming, with hundreds of hours of quests, secrets, and additional content to uncover.

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Das Erbe von Hogwarts

Experience life as a Hogwarts student in this magical, immersive RPG set in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Harry, Hermione and Ron are absent, however, as this takes place in the 19th century, where much of Hogwarts is familiar, but many secrets wait to be uncovered. You will undertake a dangerous journey to discover a hidden truth while also honing your magical abilities, casting spells, and fending off deadly enemies.

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Be transported from New York City to the magical realm of Athia in this action-packed new IP. Its fish-out-of-water protagonist is blessed with a sassy wit, and a robust parkour system, which helps with negotiating the magic and monstrosities of a new land. Forspoken delivers a fresh take on the fantasy genre, as well as jaw-dropping visuals and effects.

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Diablo IV

A return to darkness and endless agony is at stake in this brutal action RPG continuation of Blizzard’s seminal dungeon-crawler franchise. The battle between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells rages on, and Diablo IV doubles down on savage combat, loot hunting, and gothic grimness with five playable classes, and nightmarish regions crawling with demons to cut down.

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