Revealed today: Laptops with Intel® Core™ Ultra Processors available with built-in Intel® Arc™ GPUs!

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A new generation of laptops powered by Intel® Core™ Ultra processors is coming soon, and they’re made even better with available built-in Intel® Arc™ GPUs. With Intel Arc graphics on-board, gaming, creating, and exploring new AI capabilities just got more accessible.

Improvements to efficiency, battery life, and thermals aren’t the only reasons to be excited about Intel’s newest generation of laptop processors. With Intel Arc GPUs built into select Intel Core Ultra CPUs1, open up new possibilities for modern gaming at 1080p with AI-accelerated XeSS upscaling, advanced content creation, and the latest artificial intelligence-powered tools.

The first Intel Core Ultra-based laptops will be on shelves starting in December with more coming later from the laptop builders you know and love. While things are shaking up with the new inclusion of Intel Arc GPUs built into select Intel Core Ultra processors (previously codenamed Meteor Lake), our laptop builder partners are still bringing you the features we all love about Intel Evo verification. That means light weight, all-day battery life2, and fast boot times are here to stay.

Gaming on the go

Expanding upon the work done over the last year for Intel Arc desktop and laptop discrete graphics, built-in Intel Arc GPUs deliver smooth gaming for up to 60 frames per second at 1080p Medium settings across many popular games.

With AI accelerated upscaling capabilities, Intel Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) enables plenty of modern games to run at 60 FPS. Over 80 games now feature XeSS, so there’s something for everyone! Surprisingly in an ultrathin laptop, you can also get smooth gameplay with ray tracing activated in select games for photorealistic reflections and shadows. Even some of the most demanding games run above 30 FPS, opening up new worlds for such a portable package. If you’ve been along for the ride of our continuous driver updates, you know that older games run better than ever on Intel Arc GPUs too.

Powerful AI PC capabilities

The AI PC revolution is here, and Intel Core Ultra-based laptops are making it even more accessible. With Intel Arc GPUs built-in1, artificial intelligence acceleration comes standard to put new and enhanced experiences at your fingertips3. Spend more time creating and less time waiting across many applications, or put that power to use in games with XeSS.

Video and image editing

Intel Arc GPUs handle gaming and AI workloads with ease, but they also excel in content creation. The same powerful media engine from desktop GPUs is built into Intel Core Ultra processors, meaning you can quickly export high-quality and bandwidth-saving video in the AV1 codec. Combine that with Intel Arc Control software and you’ve got a game streaming studio in an easy-to-carry laptop, complete with virtual camera and auto-highlight chops. Or include AI in your workflow and generate, mask, and transform images like never before.

Coming soon to a retailer near you

Laptops with Intel Core Ultra processors and built-in Arc GPUs will be available starting December 14, 2023.

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1Intel® Arc™ graphics only available on select H-series Intel® Core™ Ultra processor-powered systems with at least 16GB of system memory in dual channel configuration. Other system configurations feature Intel® Graphics.

2All day battery life is based on verified real-world battery life of Intel Evo designs while performing typical workflows in a realistic environment within average daily usage scenarios. Individual system results may vary. See for details.

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