F1 24 Changes Up the Virtual Racing Game

by Intel Gaming |

Strap yourself in. The latest installment in the revered F1 racing series, F1 24, has arrived. It’s loaded with the thrills fans expect, plus a bunch of fresh features that mark an exciting evolution from its hit predecessors. Developed by Codemasters and published by Electronic Arts, F1 24 takes the realistic, immersive racing experience further, with a combination of cool new features, technical advancements, and refined gameplay mechanics. Here’s what you need to know.

Revamped Career Mode

One standout feature of F1 24 is the deeper experience of the comprehensively revamped Driver Career mode. The headline change is that for the first time you can play as your favorite real-world F1 driver, using their actual stats as a starting point from which to build a virtual career. Linked to this is the new Accolades system, which sets long-term milestones to aim for, linked to the progress of your chosen driver in the real world.

You don’t have to tie your fate to that of your favorite driver, of course. If you forge your own path, your career and the accolades you achieve are entirely your own. However you play, under the hood of the Career mode is the Driver Recognition system, through which every decision you make on and off the track can affect the trajectory of your progress.

Race Together

The online feature set has been given an overhaul in F1 24. One new feature is Two-player Career mode, which gives you the option to race with a friend, either head to head or in co-op. You still have your own unique objectives, however, so don’t be too generous to your grid buddy if you want to claim the team top spot.

The Challenge Career mode is designed to foster greater engagement with the vital online player community. The mode’s competitive play is presented in episodes, with one-off events and challenges framed as mini Career scenarios to test your track prowess. Community leaderboards and social-media votes on upcoming content give everyone a platform to be heard.

Handling Upgrade

Developed with the help of Max Verstappen, Dynamic Handling in F1 24 is a significant step forward in simulating the feel of real-world driving. Enhanced suspension, aerodynamics, and tire modeling deliver a more authentic and responsive feel, capturing the nuanced behavior of Formula 1 cars under different track conditions. The system emphasizes precision and skill, requiring you to master the intricacies of throttle control, braking, and cornering. The challenge is greater, but so is the reward. 

Peak Performance

One technical highlight of F1 24 is the integration of Intel Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) AI upscaling technology, which enhances the game’s visual fidelity without sacrificing performance. You can expect crisper graphics and smoother gameplay, ultimately delivering a more immersive racing experience.

F1 24 represents a thoughtful evolution of the series, blending advanced technology with gameplay enhancements that level up the virtual racing experience. For seasoned players, there are new gameplay depths to be explored, while novice racers are going to have fun getting to grips with the wheel, and the wider world of virtual F1. See you on the grid.

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