Intel® Arc™ Graphics – Game On Driver – Jagged Alliance 3 and Exoprimal

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Intel® Game On Drivers deliver the best experience for gamers playing on Intel Graphics with optimized launch-day patches and performance updates as new games release.

Suit up with a new squad of mercenaries for a combination of humor and strategy in the tactical role-playing game Jagged Alliance 3. And while you’re at it why not face-off with some angry, mutated dinosaurs in the multiplayer third-person shooter Exoprimal? Intel Arc graphics is ready for both with our latest Game On driver.

Jagged Alliance 3

In the first true Jagged Alliance game since 1999, Jagged Alliance 3 combines tactical strategy with role-playing elements in a unique way. You’ll find yourself at the helm of a diverse group of mercenaries, each with their own distinctive abilities and personalities. Your mission is to navigate through a complex, war-torn world with your own blend of customized weapons and style.

The great news is that performance for Jagged Alliance 3 on Intel Arc graphics is fantastic. The Intel Arc A750 Limited Edition can play over 60 FPS at both 1080p UItra and 1440p High settings, beating out the RTX 3060 12GB card handily.

Intel Arc Graphics - Jagged Alliance 3 Performance

Intel Arc graphics continues to offer PC gamers amazing value as well, with the A750 LE nearly doubling performance per dollar versus the RTX 3060 12GB at 1080p and almost providing almost 70% better perf per dollar at 1440p. 

Intel Arc Graphics - Jagged Alliance 3 Performance per Dollar

Jagged Alliance 3 drops on PC on July 14th, available on Steam and GOG.

Exoprimal too!

The driver team continues to improve the gaming experience for Intel Arc graphics users for other titles as well. This latest release includes Game On support for Exoprimal, a third-person shooter from Capcom that merges my love of dinosaurs and PvP gaming. Available on Steam July 14th.

With Intel Arc graphics getting better with every driver release, have you got yours yet? The Intel Arc A750 GPU remains one of the best values in PC gaming, even more so when paired with Intel Core i5 CPUs in a balanced build. For the best gaming bang for your buck, check out this list of stores with Balanced Builds featuring Intel Arc GPUs

Download the new Intel Arc graphics driver right here for all these updates and more!

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