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Intel® XeSS (Xe Super Sampling) is an AI-enhanced upscaling technology that gives you more gaming performance and high-quality visuals. Designed with all gamers in mind, XeSS is built to work with widely available hardware. Intel® Arc GPUs contain specialized AI engines that accelerate AI models in XeSS to deliver maximum performance and resolution.
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127 FPS

1080p high

184 FPS

1440p med

123 FPS

1440p med

139 FPS

1440p med

148 FPS

1440p med

All games run with XeSS performance mode on.
For all performance numbers visit for workloads and configurations details.

Intel’s XeSS, an AI-based upscaling technique, is a standout feature of the (Intel®) Arc (graphics) series.

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Intel’s DLSS rival, XeSS, seems to be a succeSS.

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Playing Cyberpunk 2077 on a Radeon GPU? Don’t use FSR, try XeSS instead

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Available in the Latest Games

XeSS technology is currently available in over 100 games! Our collaboration with game studios continues as we enable XeSS across a widening variety of new PC titles.

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How to Turn On XeSS

It’s easy to enable XeSS in supported games to get more performance. The setting to turn XeSS on is usually in the graphics section of the settings menu. The options range from prioritizing performance to prioritizing visuals and can be selected based on what best suits your needs:

Ultra Performance

Highest performance improvement, only available in XeSS 1.3


High-performance improvement, this is the setting that is typically used


Best balance between performance and visual quality


High-quality visual upscale

Ultra Quality

Ultra-quality visual upscale

Ultra Quality Plus
Highest quality visual upscale, only available in XeSS 1.3
Native AA
AI-based Anti-Aliasing for maximum visual quality, only available in XeSS 1.3

Where to Buy

Take full advantage of Intel® XeSS technology in your games with Intel® Arc GPUs.
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