Intel Gaming Access 2023: 50% Complete

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Intel Gaming Access 2023: 50% Complete 

Like a Dragon: Ishin! 

Epic samurai action-adventure Like a Dragon: Ishin! is the latest title in the revered Like a Dragon game series, previously known as Yakuza in the West. The game is a tip-to-toe remake of the title previously only available in Japan, and its release in February was enthusiastically welcomed by game critics and the growing ranks of honorable sword-wielding fans worldwide. Its rich and complex open world is worthy of countless hours of exploration, and Like a Dragon: Ishin! is underpinned by a compelling story dripping in shogun-shaped lore.

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Terra Nil 

Terra Nil is a chill game about restoring life to windblown wastelands and releasing their full nature-diverse potential. At launch in March, South African developer Free Lives promised to donate a portion of its profits to the Endangered Wildlife Trust, with $95,000 raised for the organization so far. The rewilded cherry on the cake came when the game won the Most Innovative award at the 2023 Games For Change Awards in July. Terra Nil is the gaming elixir we need as the actual and metaphorical fires rage on in the real world. 

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Deceive Inc. 

International espionage has never been such a riot. Channeling the retro chaos of Austin Powers, with a touch of Bond’s cold deadliness, Deceive Inc. drops players into an online multiplayer world of winner-takes-all spy games. In a series of frantic yet surprisingly strategic scenarios, the players who escape with the prize are the ones who know when to keep their cool and when to let rip. 

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Darkest Dungeon II 

An all-new highway to hell awaits intrepid travelers in Darkest Dungeon II. Billed as a ‘roguelike road trip of the damned’, the much-anticipated sequel ups the ante with a new role for the player: shepherding four adventurers on a desperate quest to avert an apocalypse. A hit with fans and critics, Darkest Dungeon II is loaded with gorgeous art, a stirring musical score, and satisfyingly deep gameplay to keep you enthralled. 

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Street Fighter 6 

Street Fighter 6 is the newest installment in the legendary Street Fighter series from Capcom. The game hit the streets in June, with a fighter roster of old favorites and hot-headed newcomers to keep its legions of fans entertained. The spectacular brawler is packed with new game modes, commentators from the fighting game community, a new Drive Gauge meter mechanic, and creative control schemes to make all the cool, complex moves accessible to every player. 

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