Mortal Kombat 1 on PC: A Reborn Legacy Awaits

by Intel Gaming |

Attention, PC Gamers! It’s time to brush off your fight sticks, tweak your rigs, and clear some disk space for a flawless victory as Mortal Kombat 1 makes its highly anticipated debut on PC. Based on the thrilling insights from our exclusive interview with NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Games, we can guarantee this is not just another fighting game. This is a reborn legacy. 

A Universe Reborn, A Legacy Honored 

Starting with Shaun Himmerick, Vice President & Studio Head at NetherRealm Studios, we delve deep into the essence of this iconic franchise’s latest installment. Mortal Kombat 1 is not just a retelling; it’s a reimagining. Fire God Liu Kang reboots the Mortal Kombat Universe, unveiling fresh character relations, unexpected twists to classic rivalries, and unique backstories. Whether you’re a newbie to the arena or a seasoned Kombatant, the brand-new narrative is designed to captivate. Dive into Sub-Zero’s scar twist from Mortal Kombat 3, and relish countless other Easter eggs and references sprinkled throughout. This is Mortal Kombat storytelling at its pinnacle.


Unprecedented Gameplay Mechanics: Kameo Fighters 

The introduction of the Kameo Fighter system deserves a spotlight. Acting as partner characters with unique special moves, Kameos add a strategic layer to your fights, opening up endless gameplay possibilities. Whether you’re someone who loves to take the fight head-on or prefers to employ a strategic approach, the flexibility to leverage Kameos according to your gameplay style is truly groundbreaking. 

New Single-Player Experience with Invasions 

Mortal Kombat 1 also debuts new ways to enjoy single-player content with the brand-new Invasions Mode. This progression-based experience features an interactive map populated with hundreds of nodes, each representing a different challenge – a single fight, a tower, treasure unlocks, mini-games, and many surprises along the way. And players can create Invasions-specific character builds to take on these challenges and earn rewards, with seasonal content rotating every six-weeks. 

The PC Experience – It Matters 

Switching gears, we spoke to Gary Lake-Schaal, Vice President, Game Technology at Warner Bros. Games, who emphasized the unique allure of the PC platform for Mortal Kombat 1. It’s not just about aesthetics or graphics; it’s about performance, precision, and the commitment to honoring the franchise’s arcade heritage. 

Mortal Kombat’s rich arcade legacy, rooted in 60 fps and low input latency, gets a fresh rejuvenation on the PC. And not just that! Enjoy support for widescreen monitors, crisp 4K resolutions, and revel in the game’s compatibility with a myriad of gaming peripherals. Picture this: you’re about to launch an unblockable combo against your opponent, and your custom LED display syncs perfectly with the heat of the battle – a gaming nirvana. 

Intel Partnership: A Power-Packed Alliance 

Warner Bros. Games and Intel have a history of partnership, always aiming for gaming excellence. Initially focused on optimizing for Intel’s robust Core i7 processors, they’ve now transitioned to the state-of-the-art Arc GPUs, showcasing the evolution and depth of their collaboration. Central to this alliance is the integration of Intel’s pioneering XeSS (Xe Super Scaler) technology. This isn’t just about technical jargon; it translates to tangible benefits for gamers. With XeSS, Mortal Kombat 1 offers faster load times, sharper visuals, and fluid gameplay. This tech ensures that every move, from basic punches to the iconic Fatalities, is rendered with breathtaking quality, immersing players deeper into the Mortal Kombat Universe. 

But the collaboration doesn’t stop at hardware. Intel provided Warner Bros. Games with access to their cutting-edge compatibility testing labs. Here, drivers were optimized and bottlenecks identified, ensuring Mortal Kombat 1 maximizes the capabilities of the Arc GPUs. The result? A game that’s not merely a visual treat but a holistic, optimized gaming adventure. In sum, the combined prowess of Warner Bros. Games and Intel makes Mortal Kombat 1 more than just a game – it’s a next-level interactive spectacle, pushing the boundaries of what fans can expect from the franchise. 

A New Era of Kombat 

In conclusion, Mortal Kombat 1 is more than a game – it’s an experience, a statement. The breathtaking graphics, especially the character detailing highlighted by Himmerick, promise an immersive journey through the realms. Whether you’re dodging Scorpion’s spear, engaging in bone-krushing kombat, or strategizing with the Kameos, the freedom and depth of gameplay are unparalleled. 

Prepare to engage in the most thrilling, most spectacular, and most robust version of Mortal Kombat on PC yet. Gear up, warriors, and experience the rebirth of a legend. Mortal Kombat 1 will launch for PC on September 19, 2023. Pre-orders available now at, Steam, and Epic Games Store your destiny awaits in the arena.