RaceHub Ups the Ante Trackside

by Intel Gaming |

Chase the Perfect Lap in RaceHub’s Revolutionary Racing World

In the world of PC gaming, innovation is the key to keeping players engaged and excited. That’s precisely what GOATi Entertainment achieves with their ambitious title, RaceHub. Intel Gaming Access sat down with Garth Midgley, creative director and managing director at GOATi, to discuss this groundbreaking new effort.

A Journey from Past to Future

Garth’s journey in the gaming industry is as rich and varied as the games he’s worked on. With a career spanning over two decades and titles like Far Cry, L.A. Noire, and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD under his belt, he brings a wealth of experience to RaceHub. He co-founded GOATi Entertainment with the aim of creating Esports-centric, mod-friendly games. This vision is clearly reflected in RaceHub, a title that aspires to be the “Roblox of racing.”

RaceHub: A Canvas for Creativity

RaceHub is not your typical racing game. It’s a platform where players can create and experience racing in any form they like, whether it’s sim-racing like the game Assetto Corsa, arcade thrills akin to WipEout, or even something wacky resembling Mario Kart. This versatility is what sets RaceHub apart. Garth explains, “We wanted to build something bigger than just a stand-alone racing game. We aimed for something that anyone can use to build whatever kind of racing experience they like.”

An Array of Racing Experiences

From real-life simulated racing to futuristic and arcade racing, RaceHub offers it all. Players can look forward to using the game’s sophisticated track builder and race builder tools to craft custom racing experiences. The game’s partnership with global vehicle manufacturers ensures players can choose from a variety of cars, including production and concept cars, vintage classics that players can restore Fantasy manufacturers, and cars with out-of-this-world specs.

Innovative Technology and Collectability

Perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of RaceHub is its use of blockchain technology. Each vehicle has its ownership and odometer data stored on a public blockchain, adding an extra dimension of gameplay and collectability. Unique license plates and registration numbers for each car, combined with the ability to order custom plates, add to the game’s realism and uniqueness.

Overcoming Development Challenges

Developing a game like RaceHub was not without its challenges. Garth told us “even at 60fps, vehicles can travel at six meters per frame. We wanted a silky smooth driving experience, and so we needed to sample our wheel physics at really high Hz sub-tick rates, between 900Hz to 1,200Hz, to keep up.” The team’s focus on efficient multithreading has been crucial in addressing these challenges. 

For a physics-based racing game, especially one with vehicles that can exceed the speed of sound, high frame rates are essential. This emphasis on performance led GOATi to develop a proprietary game engine to maintain efficiency and high performance, even on lower-spec machines. Of course, RaceHub shines even brighter with a fast CPU and a powerful GPU, thanks to those optimizations.

Collaboration with Intel

Garth described GOATi’s collaboration with Intel as a significant boon for RaceHub. The integration of Intel’s XeSS upscaling technology enhances performance across all GPUs, providing a frame rate boost with minimal quality loss. Garth is particularly excited about the Intel-branded skin players will be able to sport on the Citroën Ami, along with other exciting custom skins for other vehicles that will be coming.

Future Plans and Expanding Content

Looking ahead, GOATi Entertainment is not slowing down. With over 300 licensed vehicles so far (and active plans to recruit more, including supercars and F1), the studio plans to add more content creator features, such as tournament and custom vehicle creators. The RaceHub universe is set to expand even further. And because the team likes to use the very tools they are creating, you can look forward to their new concept game, Flow – Syn x Vertue. Built with RaceHub’s mod tools, the music-based ‘80s Synthwave racing game comes to Steam in October 2024 and promises a taste of what’s possible. 

RaceHub is shaping up to be far more than just a racing game; it’s a platform for creativity and innovation. It’s a testament to GOATi Entertainment’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what a racing game can be. For PC gaming and racing enthusiasts alike, RaceHub offers an exciting new world of racing to explore, create, and master. 

Get ready to create the ultimate racing experience and immerse yourself in the details of the quest for the perfect lap. Check out RaceHub for the latest news and updates, and don’t forget to wishlist Flow – Syn x Vertue on Steam.