Roundup: Best Innovative Games

by Intel Gaming |

Immerse yourself in the most extraordinary and groundbreaking PC games of the  year. These innovative titles from 2023 have pushed the boundaries of creativity, offering unique narratives, engaging mechanics, and unforgettable experiences.

Alan Wake 2

This sequel to the 2010 cult classic Alan Wake takes you on a spine-chilling journey of survival and mystery. Alan Wake 2 by Remedy Entertainment combines intense scares with an engrossing storyline, setting a new standard in the thriller genre.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

In this expansion of 2020’s Cyberpunk 2077 mercenary hero V must venture into the lawless district of Dogtown . Experience a gripping tale of espionage and high-stakes action in a visually stunning, cyber-enhanced world. Phantom Liberty explores the full potential of narrative-driven, wide-ranging gameplay.

Hi-Fi Rush

A rhythm-based action extravaganza, Hi-Fi Rush fuses elements of music and combat in a visually vibrant world as wannabe rockstar Chai takes on evil to a compelling beat. Battles synced to an infectious soundtrack offer a blend of intense action and irresistible rhythms.

Hi-Fi RUSH |  Official Launch Trailer


Cocoon, by Geometric Interactive, is a puzzle-adventure game that intrigues and challenges the mind. Merging sophisticated sound design with intricate level layouts, it weaves a subtly engaging story that lingers long after you’ve played.

The Talos Principle 2

A philosophical and puzzle-centric adventure, The Talos Principle 2 is the sequel to 2014’s The Talos Principle, and builds on its predecessor’s success. Set in a post-human world, it combines thought-provoking puzzles with profound existential themes.

Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars is a modern take on the classic RPG format. Its engaging combat system, charming pixel-art graphics, and infusion of fresh ideas into the 16-bit RPG genre make it a standout experience.

These innovative PC games of 2023 are more than just entertainment; they are artistic expressions that redefine the limits of interactive storytelling and gameplay mechanics, offering players an escape into worlds both fantastical and thought-provoking.