Inside SYNCED: Nanomachines, Battles, and the Future of Gaming

by Intel Gaming |

Emerging from NExT Studios, published by Level Infinite, the upcoming game SYNCED promises a mesmerizing blend of high-octane PvE and PvP action in a world gone awry. Clark Jiayang Yang, the creative mind behind this highly-anticipated game, unveils a post-apocalyptic realm where once-essential nanomachines have run rogue. As Runners, players are tasked with navigating the perilous grounds of the Meridian, an exclusion zone that’s the epicenter of technological chaos, making for a riveting experience. Here’s the lowdown on what you can look forward to in SYNCED. 

A Story Rooted in Technological Reliance 

In SYNCED, the narrative threads are deeply rooted in an introspective observation of our modern, tech-driven world: What happens when our ever-growing dependence on technology backfires? NExT Studios has magnified this concept, transporting players into a haunting reality where once-beneficial technologies morph into looming threats. Inspired by the tone and themes of cinematic classics and contemporary television, the developers paint a rich, dystopian tapestry where the omnipresent Nanos serve both as menacing antagonists and invaluable allies. Players must not only adapt to but embrace this double-edged sword, learning to manipulate Nanos to carve out a sliver of hope in this tech-dominated wasteland. The game challenges players to navigate a world where the line between friend and foe is as thin as a nanowire. 

Deep Narrative & Progression 

SYNCED not only stands out for its captivating battles and daunting terrains but is also distinguished by its deep and multifaceted progression system. Every expedition into the heart of the Meridian presents a distinct challenge. This mutable environment requires a fresh strategic approach with each run, keeping players constantly on their toes. But there’s permanence amidst this chaos: long-term upgrades empower players to continually refine and bolster their abilities, paving the way for increasingly triumphant conquests. On the narrative front, the game paints a vibrant mosaic of stories. Each Runner, Clark Jiayang Yang tells us, comes with a unique backstory, all of which seamlessly merge to shape SYNCED’s overarching, rich lore. And the horizon of this digital dystopia is ever-expanding, with NExT Studios already teasing upcoming seasonal content that will undoubtedly further unfurl the mysteries of this Nano-infested universe. 

A Tribute to the Accessibility of PC Performance 

NExT Studios has a vision for SYNCED beyond storytelling and immersive gameplay. Their goal? To make the game accessible to as much of the global gaming community as possible, regardless of the hardware they possess. The team has meticulously optimized the game, ensuring that whether you’re playing on an older PC or the latest high-end rig, your experience remains uncompromised. “The team takes immense pride in achieving this,” said Yang, describing the joy of witnessing the game’s vast range of effects, intricate skill systems, and dynamic interactions unfold seamlessly across multiple hardware configurations. For those fortunate enough to have advanced setups, SYNCED promises to be a visual spectacle, showcasing depth and richness in its graphics and animations. It’s a testament to NExT Studios’ commitment to gamers that every player gets the best experience possible. 

Stay SYNCED, Stay Ready for What’s NExT 

More excitement looms on the horizon. With major revelations planned for Gamescom, and launch day getting closer, the team at NExT Studios is already prepping to keep the action going. We know that seasons 1 through 3 are already in the works, promising players new story arcs, maps, and Runners, and there are more updates in store. As the days tick down to this much-anticipated release, PC gamers are in for a narrative-rich treat tailored to their hardware. Dive into the world of nanomachines, strategic combat, and post-apocalyptic survival. Don’t forget to wishlist SYNCED on Steam and gear up for a launch that promises to be nothing short of spectacular.