The Best Short Games of 2023

by Intel Gaming |


Meow and prowl through a mysterious cybercity as an adorable lost cat in this charming feline adventure. With fluid parkour movement, clever puzzles, and a dystopian backdrop brimming with personality, Stray delivers an unforgettable experience you can knock out in just a few cozy evenings.


Carefully unpack boxes room-by-room to unveil stories hidden within this zen, narrative-driven organizing game. With its comfy visuals and minimalist soundtrack, Unpacking cleverly captures the emotions of pivotal life changes and new beginnings in a couple hours of blissful gameplay.

Neon White

Zip through heaven at breakneck speeds in this stylish demon-slaying speedrunning card game. With tight platforming and a slick parkour system, Neon White delivers hours of replayable levels to blast through in pursuit of your best time.


Piece together the mysterious lost work of a film star in this cinematic interactive thriller. With clever editing mechanics and full motion video sequences, you can binge through the dark mystery at the heart of Immortality in an evening or two.

Planet of Lana

Embark on a gorgeously animated alien world rescue mission in this touching puzzler. With its simple gameplay, brilliant art direction, and emotional story, Planet of Lana delivers a compact yet impactful sci-fi tale you can complete over a weekend.

Goat Simulator 3

Wreak hilarious goat-fueled chaos across the land in the latest entry in this beloved ragdoll sandbox series. With its wacky tools of destruction and slapstick physics, Goat Simulator 3 offers hours of low-commitment comedy mayhem.


Out-drink Satan himself in the underworld pub crawl adventure of your nightmares. Boasting witty writing, fun minigames, and multiple endings, Afterparty serves up an intoxicating dark comedy romp that goes down quick and smooth.

Whether you’re looking to fill a short block of free time or craving a palate cleanser between longer games, these standout short titles deliver engaging, fulfilling experiences without stealing too many of your precious hours. Game on!