The Highly Anticipated Mech Combat Game Armored Core VI

by Intel Gaming |

The legendary mech combat series Armored Core is back with its sixth mainline entry, Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon. This time the sci-fi franchise travels beyond the stars to a distant planet ravaged by conflict over a valuable new resource. We spoke with Yasunori Ogura, producer at FromSoftware, to learn more about what fans can expect when the game launches for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on August 24.

Set on the fictional planet of Rubicon 3, far from Earth, Armored Core VI takes place in a future where interstellar travel has become commonplace. However, Rubicon is a world devastated by an apocalyptic event 50 years ago triggered by the emergence of a mysterious new substance called Coral. Now, Coral has been rediscovered on the planet, prompting a clash between corporate powers and local resistance forces as they vie for control over this prized resource.

Players take on the role of an independent mercenary mech pilot, called Armored Core (or AC for short), who is thrust into the escalating conflict. Rubicon 3 and the broader setup are completely new for the series, and Ogura explains that Armored Core VI is designed to be welcoming to franchise newcomers. “Although this is the sixth title in the series, it is completely new in terms of setting and storyline, and has no plot connection to the previous titles in the series,” he said. “This makes it a great point of entry for newcomers to the Armored Core series, as well.”

Of course, veterans will still find plenty to love about the signature Armored Core formula. This includes deep mech customization, omni-directional traversal of expansive 3D environments, and thrilling combat that blends gunplay and melee attacks. “With this title, we hope you will enjoy a variety of actions that can only be realized with mech, such as freely assembling your own unique AC, freely navigating omni-dimensional stages in a way only piloting a mech can move through it, taking on difficult situations, and overwhelming enemies with dynamic movements that make full use of shooting and melee combat,” Ogura said.

This time around, one of the biggest areas of emphasis is the mech assembly system, which enables players to build a custom robot from scratch to suit their preferred playstyle. Ogura explained that the customizable parts like legs and weapons will now greatly influence mobility, handling, and combat mechanics. “We’ve particularly focused on the leg parts that control movement and change the basic behavior of the AC. For example, a quadruped type can hover in the air, and a tank type can perform a drift turn,” he said. “We are also conscious of the differences in weapon behavior, such as the way they shoot, how they catch recoil, and how bullets behave. I believe that players will be able to create their own preferred aircraft not only in terms of appearance and performance, but also in terms of play feel.”

This level of customization allows Armored Core fans to really invest themselves in crafting a unique mech. From mobility-focused builds to heavily armed tanks, the choices you make in constructing your AC can lead to wildly different playstyles. It’s an engrossing loop of experimentation and optimization that underpins the series.

While Armored Core VI promises familiar mech combat action at its core, FromSoftware enhances the experience in key ways with this new release. “In Armored Core VI, the main thing we wanted to emphasize is assembly since it is a main staple of the series. This assembly system will reflect not only in parameters, but also in the tactile sensation of an action game,” Ogura said. The result should be an unparalleled sense of connection between your custom AC designs and the tangible feeling of piloting them in combat.

With a captivating new sci-fi setting, extensive customization, and refined action, Armored Core VI is shaping up to be the most impressive and immersive entry in the storied 25-year-old franchise. Ogura and the team at FromSoftware have taken care to retain what longtime fans love while striving to make the game more accessible to interested newcomers. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the thrill of piloting a fully customizable mech, Armored Core VI is ready to deliver.

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