WrestleQuest: A Wrestling Revolution in the JRPG Arena 

by Intel Gaming |

Brace yourself for a nostalgic and action-packed journey as Mega Cat Studios presents WrestleQuest, a groundbreaking fusion of 80s and 90s pro wrestling with classic 16-bit RPGs. This exciting new title aims to redefine the JRPG landscape by injecting it with the spectacle, drama, and iconic facial hair of professional wrestling. Prepare to grapple with fresh locations, lively characters, and a story that is rich with wrestling lore. A world-first, and a lifelong dream for the developer team, this is more than a game; it’s a celebration of two beloved genres. 

Fantasy Enters the Ring 

WrestleQuest transforms the familiar medieval-themed JRPG setting with vibrant, wrestling-infused landscapes. From ring-themed dungeons to wrestling cults that must be tracked down, each environment is a nod to various styles found in the sport around the world—one town to explore is Puroshi, themed after the dominant style of wrestling in Japan, known as “puroresu.” Your wild adventures will take you through all that wrestling has to offer. Statue-shrines of the gods of the ring—from André the Giant to Macho Man Randy Savage—offer side quests with tantalizing rewards. 

The New Face of Turn-based Combat 

The heart and soul of WrestleQuest lies in its innovative combat system. Under the creative supervision of Mega Cat Studios, the beloved, turn-based mechanics of the JRPG have undergone a “wrestlification”, which, according to James Deighan of Mega Cat, means to make something “sweatier, stronger, and more dramatic.” 

Every battle in WrestleQuest happens in front of a live audience, complete with a “hype meter” that shows the crowd’s engagement. You’ll feel challenged to put on a good show, which means more than just spamming the attack button. You don’t have to fear a hostile crowd, however, as you can generate hype to make that meter your friend. 

Themed Boss Fights 

Get ready for intense, themed boss fights that bring the main event to life. From multi-person rumbles to cage matches, the spectacle of wild bosses is paired with the hype meter. Can you drive the crowd wild with your piledrivers? Every move, every dramatic moment, contributes to the crowd’s excitement. Accessories are not just for looking good, however; badges and masks can generate hype when used in different combinations—never underestimate the underdog! 

Seamlessly Optimized for PC 

Mega Cat Studios teamed with Intel to create a game that’s meticulously optimized for the PC platform. Optimization has many benefits, from allowing players to quickly Alt + Tab out of the game for a quick online purchase of baby oil, ring boots, and silk robes, to providing a smooth experience across diverse hardware. Intel’s support and technical insights have contributed to this fine-tuning, ensuring that the game not only performs well but also adapts to the unique demands and expectations of PC gamers. This collaborative optimization enhances the gaming experience, making it more seamless and accessible to more players. Mega Cat Studios expressed their delight at how helpful the Intel profiling tools have been in the game’s development. They especially appreciated the benchmarking and profiling utilities that Intel offers and how Intel makes hardware and compatibility testing easy. The result is a product that resonates with PC gamers and highlights Intel’s ongoing support for innovative game development. It’s a win-win. 

Step into the Ring with WrestleQuest 

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind adventure that’s loaded with Easter eggs, excitement, and an unmatched wrestling atmosphere. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of JRPGs or a lifelong follower of wrestling, WrestleQuest is a must-play title ready to entertain and inspire. Wishlist WrestleQuest now on Steam, and try the free downloadable demo. The full game releases on August 22, 2023