Intel® Arc™ Game On Driver for Ghostrunner 2, Cities: Skylines II, EA Sports WRC, Alan Wake 2, and The Finals*!

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Intel® Game On Drivers deliver the best experience for gamers playing on Intel Graphics with optimized launch-day patches and performance updates as new games release.

Fight with fury in Ghostrunner 2 or watch your metropolis grow in Cities: Skylines II, Intel Arc graphics are ready for any pace with today’s Game On drivers.

Ghostrunner 2

Lightning-quick katana-slashing action is back! Ghostrunner 2 puts the hilt in your hands to liberate the last bastion of humanity from a violent AI cult. Hyper-stylized cyberpunk aesthetics might look bright, but the grim Dharma Tower is anything but forgiving.

The stunning Ghostrunner gameplay which shook the gaming world is back with a heft of new ways to play. Furiously satisfying swordplay is back and better than ever, but that’s not the only thing that’s fast. Put your cyber-ninja riding skills to the test with a new motorcycle in blistering fast challenges. Take on the tower and bosses with new paths and combat options too.

Speeding through Ghostrunner 2 requires a companion who can keep up, and that’s Intel Arc graphics. On the latest driver, the Intel Arc A750 blasts through the tower at 65 FPS at 1440p Ultra settings, or even quicker at 1080p Ultra: 96 FPS.

Ghostrunner 2 accelerates you into the tower on October 26th, or get 48 hours of early access with Brutal Edition, available on Steam.

Cities: Skylines II

The most detailed city simulation is arriving in your PC tomorrow. Cities: Skylines II builds upon the masterful work by Paradox Interactive within Cities: Skylines with enhanced graphics, better systems to simulate your city’s many moving pieces, and a new system for installing and playing with mods.

Every citizen, every home, every vehicle, and every building has their own needs and schedule. Keeping up with all that for a population of thousands takes exceptional processing power, especially when checking on your sprawling city from above. The Intel Core CPUs paired with the Intel Arc A750 in our Balanced Build deals are the perfect partners in planning your metropolis.

EA Sports WRC, Alan Wake 2, and The Finals

If slashing and skyscraping aren’t enough for you this week, today’s Game On drivers also support EA Sports WRC, Alan Wake 2, and The Finals. Take motorsports risks to the extreme in the rally stages of EA Sports WRC, brave the horrors of Alan Wake 2, and put on your best show in The Finals. Intel Arc graphics are prepared for every thrill this week’s new games throw at you.

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