Intel® Arc™ Game On Driver for Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown!

by Zachary Hill |

Intel® Game On Drivers deliver the best experience for gamers playing on Intel Graphics with optimized launch-day patches and performance updates as new games release.

Take a journey through the vast and enchanting realm of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. The hero Sargon uses Time Powers for his acrobatic escapades, but Intel Arc graphics don’t need magic to give you the best experience possible with the latest Intel Arc Game On drivers.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Welcome to the mystical realm of Mount Qaf, a sacred home to an entirely new Prince of Persia adventure filled with vibrant landscapes, intriguing characters, and the timeless allure of hidden treasures. Ancient tales and enchanted wonders await Sargon in his quest to rescue the kidnapped Prince Ghassan.

Sargon’s Time Powers allow him to manipulate time in ways unimaginable. With a snap of his fingers, he can rewind the clock to attack from where he once stood, reveal secrets of the past, and open up ancient gates to explore new branches of the sprawling 2D map. Sargon’s journey becomes a dance through time, where each mastered power unveils a new layer of the world’s mysteries.

Throughout the cursed city of Mount Qaf are colorful characters, many seeking your assistance with side quests and offering beneficial rewards. Not all of the inhabitants are friendly! Prepare to face formidable bosses, each a test of skill and wit, as Sargon’s journey unfolds into an epic tale of heroism.

Heroic acts take heroic power, and Intel Arc graphics have it in abundance when it comes to running Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. The Intel Arc A750 runs it at 1440p Ultra settings, Sargon leaps at a desert-blistering 360 frames per second, or if you love high-res gaming, you’ll get 224 FPS at 4K Ultra. That’s more frames than you can shake a scimitar at!

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is available today on the Ubisoft Store.

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