Introducing the A-Series Family’s Latest Member, the Intel® Arc™ A580

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A new member of the family arrives: the Intel Arc A580. Sitting in the middle of our lineup, this GPU packs all the modern features of Intel Arc A-series graphics for immersive gaming and stellar content creation.

A peek at the cards

Intel Arc graphics are unwavering in our mission to bring balance back to the GPU market. That’s especially true for the new A-series GPU: the Intel Arc A580, striking some of the most impressive performance-per-dollar yet. We’ll get into tech specs further down, let’s take a look at each of our three manufacturing partners’ graphics cards first. Today we unveil the ASRock Intel Arc A580 Challenger 8GB OC, GUNNIR Intel Arc A580 Index 8G (dual-fan) and Photon 8G OC (triple fan, coming soon), and SPARKLE Intel Arc A580 ORC OC Edition.

ASRock is left above, keeping it stealthy with a brushed black shroud and clear fans. In the middle, the GUNNIR Index is rocking sleek high-tech aesthetics. SPARKLE is at the right, with its distinctive blue twin-fan design and branded PCIe shield. Availability and prices vary by country and retailer. Check out the Where to Buy section below.

Tech specs

No matter which card you choose, the graphics processor at the center of the board is the same across all three. The Intel Arc A580 GPU not only gives you another choice when building and upgrading your PC, it also adds a whole new tier to our desktop graphics cards. It debuts the Intel Arc A5 family, sitting between the high-performance A750 & A770 and the budget-friendly A380 GPUs. The Intel Arc A3, A5, and A7 families might remind you of our Intel Core™ processor tiers: each level up through i3, i5, and i7 means more performance.

Even with the Intel Arc A580 situated between the A380 and A750, its hardware specs are closer to the A750. You’ll find the same amount of VRAM in both models (8 GB) with equal memory bandwidth. What sets the new Intel Arc A580 apart is its number of Xe-cores, the bits that carry out graphics computations. It features 24 of those, close to the top end of the A-Series specs.

As the inclusion of “OC” in most of the add-in board names suggest, our partners have opted to overclock their versions of the Intel Arc A580. All three cards are set to run at 2000 MHz, about 18% faster than Intel’s 1700 MHz spec above.

Advanced gaming performance

The Intel Arc A580 takes advantage of all the Game On driver updates for new and legacy games we’ve published over the last year. Combine that software engineering with the capable hardware above and you’ve got a graphics card capable of handling even the latest games at 1080p High settings, like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Those two run at over 60 FPS natively on the A580, but there’s more performance to be had from these cards yet.

All Intel Arc GPUs have powerful AI capabilities built-in, and they put that power to use with Intel® Xe Super Sampling (XeSS). The Intel Arc A580 is no exception, delivering incredible performance uplift with the tech enabled. Even on new games like Remnant II, XeSS brings the Intel Arc A580 from a low 50 fps to a more-than-playable 73 FPS — a 46% uplift! On games which are exceptionally well-optimized for XeSS, like Ghostwire Tokyo, you’ll see over 2x the performance with XeSS on.

Content creation, Artificial Intelligence, and more

Just like all other Intel Arc graphics cards, full-featured content creation capabilities come standard on the A580. That means AV1 video encoding hardware, AI acceleration with our XMX engines, and the streaming studio within Arc Control software are all here. The possibilities with these capabilities are endless, such as generating art with AI.

One of the biggest bottlenecks in video editing is waiting for output files to encode. A new development in encoding capabilities have enabled Intel Arc graphics cards to encode even faster, with the enablement of dual encode. Dual encode takes advantage of both Multi-Format Codec Engines (MFXs) on the Intel Arc A580 to use them both when encoding video. This saves 35% more time than regular encoding and is rolling out to various applications right now.

Where to buy

Whether you plan to use your Intel Arc A580 for gaming, video editing, AI workloads, or all of the above, you’ll find them in stores around the world soon. We’ve put together a handy list below so you can find your next GPU with ease. Product availability and timing may vary per country and reseller.

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